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Promenade hat

Pattern is modeled on an original antique hat, the style matches fashion plates dated 1898-1900.

Can be worn for Late Victorian & early to mid Edwardian eras. A very stylish hat with a shaped brim that curls up on one side. Works very well with a sensible suit or more trim added for an elegant promenade ensemble.

Intermediate to advanced, some millinery experience required. Buckram and millinery wire used.

1897-1900s Women's Boater

Pattern has options for two crown heights- high boater or mid-level skimmer.

Suitable for late 1890s to 1900s with a narrower brim style, works very well for many outfits- picnic, sportswear, summer or fashionable daywear with trim added.

1876 Impressionist Hat

The quintessential mid 1870s hat seen so often in fashion plates and impressionist art. Hat sits tipped back on the head and flares around the face.


Can be made plain or with a shirred lining of silk or lace, worn with or without ribbon ties. 


Can be made in summer or winter versions- flowers and lace or velvet and fur.