Chantal Filson: Founder/Dean

Kristen Mrozek: Promotions

Costume On is an international online conference for historical costuming created during the 2020 Quarantine. Students attended from all across the US and the globe, including Canada, Australia, Panama the UK & the Netherlands.

Teachers from all over the US used video conferencing to teach fashion history and technique, covering several eras from the 18th century to early 20th. Classes included both lectures and hands-on workshops, where they interacted with the teacher in real-time.

The response was immediate and so overwhelming, a second weekend had to be added. The conference is a biannual event, (spring/fall). Costume On 3 will be held April 17-18, 2021.

Costume on      may 2-3/may 16-17

Screenshots of Costume On classes (May 2-3 & May 16-17)


The conference took place in real-time on May 2-3, a second weekend was added due to overwhelming demand (May 16-17). Students attended 4 separate channels of lectures where the live teacher screenshared presentations and answered questions, workshops where closeups of both hands sewing and examples were shown on camera, and a General Lounge meeting room where they chatted in between classes and held a picnic. Students were able to hold up their own pieces to camera both as examples in lectures and to have the teacher check their work in workshops, regardless of time zone/country.

Students registered through the website, paid, received a welcome packet and attended orientation- all online. Teachers submitted proposals, outlines and video clips and attended their own orientation for this new format. The content was curated and formatted to create a balanced curriculum of time periods, lectures and workshops.

Costume on 2: Tailored      September 19-20

Screenshots of Costume On 2: Tailored (Sept 19-20)


The second conference had several new additions: curators from two museums who featured items not currently on display, historical crochet, period hairstyling, living history presentations, discussion panels on inclusivity, menswear tailoring classes and the start of a body-positive series on plus-size period costuming. The General Lounge chat room was open on both days, rather than just one, and classes covered more eras (17th century through early 1900s).

Costume On 2: Tailored focused not only on tailoring techniques, but tailoring costumes to every body, every skill level, every person. All classes were original content created specifically for Costume On by the teachers.