APRIL 17-18, 2021


Sarah Nicol (Curator of Collections Engagement) joins us to review some stunning original pieces from the Leicestershire Council's archives.

Sarah will display original women's garments from the 1890s-1910s on dress forms, showcasing construction details and garment interiors. She will also feature a corset of the corresponding era along with each garment to fully illustrate the silhouette within.

Paula Richter (Curator for Exhibitions & Research) joins us for a presentation on Les Petites Dames de Mode. The collection of small mannequins elaborately dressed in period fashions was designed and created by the late John Burbidge.

Mr. Burbidge spent nearly 40 years as a bridal designer for Priscilla of Boston, his personal passion for period fashion resulting in this labor of love. He used original textiles and period techniques to recreate the collection, even sculpting the mannequins.