Master Class

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So Established & Modish a Dress

the 18th century banyan & cap



"So established and modish a dress were these gowns that the making of them became a special calling." 

(A.M. Earle)

Join instructor Carrie Midura for a two-day seminar of pattern drafting and sewing to customize a banyan for your height, body type, and sleeve preference. A full-size sample will be available during the class for reference, while the instructor will be working at 1/4 scale on graph paper and plain paper templates for better demo visibility.


Basic construction will be discussed and demonstrated, specifically seam treatments for an unlined version and achieving great fit and finish for the tricky neck pieces. Students may not finish their banyan in class, but will have an excellent head start.


The signature accompanying hat will be a four-panel soft cap with a shaped brim. This part of the class will consist of straight drafting and fitting in muslin, including reviewing construction techniques and beginning assembly.

Lightness & Elegance

recovering a victorian parasol



Instructor Maegen Hensley walks students through the process of meticulously recovering a Victorian parasol from start to finish- drafting, patterning, fitting the mockup, sewing, and trimming.

Intermediate patterning and sewing skills are required for this intensive seminar, the class requires students to create their own patterns to recover their piece. Students will be able to apply these techniques to parasols of any era. 

**Exclusive to this Parasol Master Class only**

Students will choose an antique parasol from the teacher's personal collection to recover.  The candidates range from 1870s to early Edwardian, and are in very good condition. Parasol selection will be designated on a first-come, first-served basis for students who complete registration.

This 2 day seminar is limited to 10 students.