1860s Linen Travel Duffle (Improved!)

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Exclusive pattern, drafted from an original!

*Version 2- Improved! Redrafted pattern makes up perfectly, previous flaws fixed*

These small duffles were used to carry shawls, blankets and personal effects. This pattern is drafted from an original piece in excellent condition which is entirely hand-sewn. It features an interior pocket, 3 buttons/buttonholes and is decorated with wool tape and featherstitch embroidery. Bag is midcentury size, turn of the century through teens bags were longer and narrow.

Hand-drawn epattern includes pieces for the bag, embroidery templates and a pdf of instructions. Photos show original bag (brown) next to reproduction bag (cream) made using this pattern.

*Patterns for personal use only. Your purchase supports an independent designer/vendor/artist. Sure, you could copy this and send it to your friends, but you'd be stealing from me. I spent hours and hours creating this by hand, with a pen and paper. It's only 8 dollars. Please don't steal from me.*

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