18th Century Stomacher with Power Pockets

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No one else has this! Exclusive pattern not found elsewhere!


Tired of having to lug a bag around at events for your essentials? This stomacher with POWER POCKETS has got you covered with compartments for: car key [with ribbon tie], credit card/cash, safety & hair pins, felt strip for extra dress pins and optional cell phone pocket. It even has a tiny drawstring pouch for when you're 3 cocktails in and just want to take your earrings off.

Stomacher is specifically engineered, this is not just 2 flaps of fabric- a narrow space is created between the layers to provide a flat surface and easy access.

Pattern includes 4 styles plus a blank template to decorate as you wish, all hand-drafted. Two patterned styles are for full pocket lining, modeled after the buttoned stomacher from the Met Museum dress and the tiered ruched fan style of Madame de Volanges. Two styles are single-layer with hidden micropockets under decorative flaps.

Pattern is given in one size, fits approx. US size 4/6, can also act as a template to modify your own existing stomacher pattern.

Pattern purchase includes a pdf download of minimal instructions and pattern pieces. Intermediate to advanced level, assumes user knows how to make a stomacher. Pieces are meant to be printed on letter-sized 8.5x11 inch paper.

*Patterns are for personal use only. Your purchase supports an independent designer/vendor/artist. Sure, you could copy this and send it to your friends, but you'd be stealing from me. I spent hours and hours creating this by hand, with a pen and paper. It's only 9 dollars. Please don't steal from me.*

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